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The right approach can take an experience from forgettable to memorable. At Starlite, we specialize in delivering live event technology with precision and passion, ensuring it resonates with every attendee. Our experienced team will ensure every element of your event’s technology is handled with precision and care. With us, you’re not just getting the best equipment; you’re gaining a dedicated partner.

Why Starlite?

    • Decades of Expertise: As industry leaders, our experience in event technology speaks volumes


    • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Our commitment to innovation means you always get the best in audio, visual, and lighting


    • Comprehensive Solutions: From the initial concept to the final curtain call, we’re with you every step of the way


    • Versatile Portfolio: Our expertise spans corporate events, concerts, experiential events, and more, making us the go-to choice for diverse needs

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Starlite is an industry leader in show-technology equipment and live event production. 

We have the latest equipment, the creative and technical savvy, and the experience to fully realize your concept. Our inspired team of project managers, creative designers, engineers, and technicians will provide the impact to make your event truly distinct at a price that matches your budget.

Creating events that leave a lasting impression has become more challenging than ever

From ensuring pristine audio to delivering stunning visuals and creating the perfect ambiance, Starlite understands the importance of planning and execution for flawless events. Modern audiences have high expectations and there’s no room for error. With Starlite’s expertise, you can feel confident that your event will be impactful and unforgettable for all the right reasons.

What We Offer



Command attention and deliver your message

Concerts & Touring:

Create electrifying atmospheres with immersive sound and lighting

Professional Theater:

Enhance every scene with tailored audio and visual precision


Highlight and elevate your brand

Social Events & Galas:

Craft the perfect ambiance for any occasion


Transform spaces into unforgettable sensory experiences

Television & Film:

Elevate productions with our industry-leading technology

Join the ranks of countless professionals who trust Starlite to elevate their events

This is the second year our elementary school presented a musical and we could not have done it without the great crew at Starlite! They are knowledgeable, professional and very helpful getting us just what we need to ‘hit the lights’. If you need lights, mics, fog machines, platforms, you name it, Starlite has it! Thanks guys!

Nikolas R.

Starlite has worked with the Wharton Follies for years. They are the consistency we need as the experience in the organization itself transitions yearly. The team was incredible to work with. Jeff B handled all of the pre-show planning incredibly well and John helped design a 3.5hr show in <8hrs. We couldn’t have done it without this team. 

John C.

What is an example of event technology?

Event technology encompasses a wide range of tools and solutions designed to enhance the planning, execution, and experience of events. At Starlite, we specialize in providing top-tier audio-visual and lighting solutions to make every event stand out, including:


Starlite offers cutting-edge displays including large-format LED, video projection and flat-panel displays that offer crisp visuals, making presentations, videos, or visuals come to life. From corporate presentations to cinematic screenings, these displays ensure clarity and impact

Advanced Audio Systems

Sound is a crucial element of any event. Starlite’s audio systems are designed to deliver clear, balanced sound, whether it’s for a keynote speech or musical performance


Lighting can set the mood, highlight key elements, or create a dynamic atmosphere. Starlite’s custom lighting solutions are tailored to each event in order to achieve the desired result

Reach out to our event technology specialists today and set the stage for success.



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