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Super-Low Pricing on Used Gear

For more information, contact Matt Strickland at 856-780-8013 or [email protected]. 

32SP14245Vari*Lite VL3500 Spot / w/ Framing Shutters$1,000.00
19SP12540Vari*Lite VL3000 Wash  fixture$500.00
11SP19319Clay Paky Sharpy$1,000.00
4SP9874HES Studio Color M wash fixture w/ magnetic ballast$100.00
1SP10881HES Hog 500 control console (1024 channels)$350.00
1SP10882HES Hog 1000 control console (1024 channels)$500.00
2SP9866HES AF-1000 Mini controller for AF1000 (up to 12 units$50.00
2SP11009ETC Sensor Touring Rack 48 ch. x 2.4k dimmer rack (cam thru)$2,500.00
2SP17724ETC Sensor+ Touring Rack 48 ch. x 2.4k dimmer rack (cam thru)$3,000.00
1SP29565Chauvet WDMXTRANS W-DMX Transmitter (1 universe)                              $75.00
37SP99196-Bar wired w/ (1) socopex & (6) FEMALE stage pin connectors$50.00
5SP11330Diversitronics S4 Strobe Cap w/ Power Supply$125.00
100SP9879ETC S4 Par w/ (1) W, (1) M, (1) N & (1) VN Lens, Unit includes working HPL575 lamp, Clamp & Safety$60.00
32SP11066Altman 1 Cell Focusing Cyc w/ Safety Screen (1000w, 750w, 500w)$25.00
1SP12440Altman 6 Cell Cyc Light$100.00
8SP10806PAR 64 ACL 600W 28v 4-bar (pin) (wired in series)$50.00
12SP12906Thomas A6424 OUTDOOR PAR 64 fixture$35.00
1SP10060Crest X8-HS FOH console, 32x4x8 w/2power supply and roadcase$1,000.00
1SP9915BSS FDS-388 OMNIDRIVE speaker management system, 8-in/2-out$450.00
4SP11016Lexicon MPX100$50.00
1SP11146Klark Teknik DN7454 Digital Delay, 2 Inputs / 4 Outputs$200.00
1SP12396Klark Teknik DN9848 Loudspeaker processor, 4 x 8$575.00
3SP11283BSS FDS-360$40.00
3SP16104BSS DPR-404$50.00
1SP10762BSS DPR-504$50.00
2SP11282BSS TCS-804$50.00
2SP11378Whirlwind ISO 8 Line Isolator$25.00
1SP13589Tascam CD-RW402$75.00
1SP13879Tascam CD-305$50.00
1SP14688Fostex D2424LV$350.00
1NACrestron CNMSX-Pro$20.00
1SP10216Roland SDE-3000 Digital Delay$125.00
5SP10760EAW MX200i Speaker Processor Unit$40.00
2SP10761EAW MX300i Speaker Processor Unit$50.00
2SP11284XTA DP100 Digital Delay$50.00
1NATC Electronics D-Two Multitap Rhythm Delay$60.00
2SP9957EAW JF560 Full Range Cabinets$350.00
2SP10332JF560 Dual Road Case$100.00
5SP14095EAW SM12 2 Way Stage Monitor$350.00
5SP14504SM 12 Dual Road Case$150.00
2SP9908JBL 4691 2-way loudspeaker bi-amp/full-range (15″ + 1″)$125.00
2SP16732Audiocom MS-4002$250.00
1SP13814Audiocom MS-2002 / 2 Channel Intercom w/IEC Power Cable MASTER STATION$125.00
1SP15343Audiocom ES4000A / 4-channel intercom expansion station$125.00
1SP14600Audiocom US-2002 /  2 Channel User/Main Station$125.00
1SP17074Audiocom EMS-4001 / 4-channel expansion master station w/ 4.0 amp power supply$250.00
1SP10179Telex US-2000 & SPS2000$375.00
24SP10036Telex BP1000 Single Channel Belt Packs$30.00
5SP10174Telex BP2000 Dual Channel Belt Packs$40.00
24SP10176Telex PH 1 / Single-sided intercom headset w/ A4F connector$25.00
5SP10177Telex PH 2 / Dual-muff intercom headset w/ A4F connector$45.00
6SP14838Marshall V-R44P 2RU rack-mountable monitor set w/ (4) 4″ LCD screens$60.00
2SP13554Sony PVM-411 4″ quad B&W video monitor$45.00
1SP12167Sony DSC1024$15.00
1SP15489JVC SR-DVM70US Mini DV/hard disk drive/DVD recorder w/remote$55.00
1SP15490JVC SP-MV40$10.00
2SP12362JVC BR-S800U$35.00
1SP18179Kramer FC-7402$25.00
1SP16956HES Axon Media Server$900.00
4SP13228Various LCD Desktop Monitors (VGA (15″ / 17″)$15.00
4SP17687Eiki LC-X80 6500 Ansi Lumen Projector – NO LENS$100.00
4SP12476Eiki LC-X1100 4100 Ansi Lumen Projector w/ Case & NO LENS$75.00
1SP13553Extron 168HVA Crosspoint 16×8 Matrix Switcher w/Audio$15.00
4SP13490Extron DA-6 / 1 x 6 5-wire BNC (RGBHV) distribution amplifier$20.00
1SP43703Extron DA-2 / Two Output Wideband RGBHV Distribution Amplifier$15.00
1SP12166Extron DA-4 / RGBHV$20.00
4SP17029Extron DA2GLI / 2-output 5-wire BNC (RGBHV) distribution amplifier$25.00
1NAExtron MCP-1000$15.00
1SP9967Panasonic SV-3800$35.00
1SP13547Digital DPS-275 Component TBC/Framestore$25.00
1SP18182HHB CDR-882 $50.00
2SP13202Sony UVW-1800 Betacam Recorder$40.00
1SP18259Sony DSR-2000 Digital Videocassette Recorder$40.00
1SP13205Sony PVW-2650 Betacam SP player$45.00
1NALeader 5860C Waveform Monitor$25.00
1SP17067Tektronix SPG300 Sync Pulse Generator$25.00
2SP19109TVOne C2-2450 Edge Blender$75.00
1SP17075Grass Valley Identity 4 Control Package, Includes Identity 4, Echolab Opera & Echolab Remote Aux Panel$500.00
1SP17070Grass Valley Turbo iDDR Digital Disk Recorder$100.00
12SP9889PRT TRUSS$500.00
46SP17231Burgundy Sateen Panels – 14′ High x 5′ Wide$8.00
74SP17232Burgundy Sateen panels (20′ High x5′ Wide)$12.00

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