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36Vari*Lite VL3500 Spot$2,000.00
20Vari*Lite VL3000 Wash Fixture$900.00
10HES Technobeam Fixture with Iris$300.00
8HES Studio Color M Wash Fixture with Magnetic Ballast$250.00
1Chauvet Intimidator 2.0 HTI$75.00
2Rosco Image Pro$75.00


1ETC Source 4 Lustr+ LED Light Engine & Shutter Barrel$925.00


4Altman Explorer 1200W Long-Throw Followspot with Case$2,000.00


8Antari Z-1500 II 1500W Stage Fogger$375.00


1HES Hog 500 Control Console (1024 Channels)$500.00
1HES Wholehog II Lighting Console with Case$900.00
1HES Whole Hog II Expansion Wing with Case$500.00
3HES Cyberlite LCD Controller$50.00
2HES Studio Color LCD Controller$50.00
3Technobeam LCD Controller$50.00
12Universal Controller$50.00
2HES AF-1000 Mini Controller for AF1000 (Up to 12 Units)$50.00
1ETC Sensor+ Touring Rack 48 Ch x 2.4k Dimmer Rack$5,000.00
1Doug Fleenor 123-3 123 3-Way 3-Pin DMX ISO Amp/Splitter$65.00
1Chauvet WDMXTRANS W-DMX Transmitter (1 Universe)$75.00
376-Bar Wired with (1) Socopex & (6) FEMALE Stage Pin Connectors$50.00


10HES AF-1000 Dataflash & Controller Package (9 Strobes) with Mini Controller$600.00
5Martin Atomic 3000 3000W High-Impact Strobe (200-250v, 50-60Hz)$250.00
3Martin Detonator Atomic Strobe Remote$90.00
3Diversitronics 50S2 Superstar Strobe, Slave, 50 Joule$35.00
3Diversitronics Remote Control for 50S-2 & 150S-2$40.00
5Diversitronics S4 Strobe Cap with Power Supply$250.00
6Wybron Coloram II 24-Way Power Supply$75.00
3HES Multiray – PURCHASE ALL 3 FOR $60!$25.00
2Mark XII 12″ Police Beacon$40.00
1Traxon RGB LED Package (15) Fixtures & (7) Power Supplies$600.00


4Altman 175Q 8″ Quartz-Focusing Fresnel with Barndoor – 1000watt$60.00
30Altman 65Q 6″ Quartz-Focusing Fresnel with Barndoor – 500watt$35.00
8Altman 154 14″ 300-1000W Scoop$15.00
10Altman ZS-3 Zip Strip, 3 Circuit, 30 Lamp Capacity, 6′$50.00
1Altman 6 Cell Cyc Light$150.00
9Times PAR38S-BD4 Square PAR 38 fixture with Barndoors$8.00
8Times Square Par 64 Black Par Can – BRAND NEW$30.00
32Altman PAR 38 Fixture with Medium Screw-Base (300W Max.)$4.00
32MBT Par 38 Black Par on Base$15.00
32MBT Par 38 White Par on Base$15.00
18Desisti 2000W 8″ TV Fresnel with 4-Leaf Rotating Barndoor$60.00
24MBT PAR56B PAR 56 Fixture, Black$6.00
8PAR 64 ACL 600W 28v 4-Bar (Pin) (Wired-In Series)$80.00
12Thomas A6424 Outdoor PAR 64 Fixture$35.00
7L&E 6×16 Ellipsoidal – BRAND NEW!$70.00
3L&E 3 Cell Broad Cyc – BRAND NEW!$60.00


2JBL 4691 2-Way Loudspeaker Bi-Amp/Full-Range (15″ + 1″)$250.00
1Crest X8-HS FOH Console, 32x4x8 with 2 Power Supply & Roadcase$1,200.00
1Crest Century VX FOH Console, 52×8 (48-Mono, 4-Stereo) with PS & Case$2,000.00
1Allen & Heath GL3300 40×8 Live Mixing Console with PS & Case$800.00
4Beringer Powerplay Pro-XL$25.00
4Lexicon MPX100$50.00
1Lexicon PCM 80 Digital EFX Processor$500.00
1Lexicon PCM 81 Digital EFX Processor$500.00
1Klark Teknik DN7454 Digital Delay, 2 Inputs / 4 Outputs$250.00
1Klark Teknik DN9848 Loudspeaker Processor, 4 x 8$1,000.00
1Klark Teknik Square One Dynamics$150.00
1Klark Teknik DN410$175.00
3BSS FDS-360$40.00
3BSS DPR-504$100.00
1BSS DPR-5C4$125.00
2BSS TCS-804$50.00
1Denon DN620$30.00
1Denon DN2000F MKIII$20.00
1Denon DN-c680$100.00
2Whirlwind ISO 8 Line Isolator$25.00
1Tascam CD-RW402$200.00
1Tascam CD-305$50.00
1Fostex D2424LV$575.00
1Crestron CNMSX-Pro$20.00
1Roland SDE-3000 Digital Delay$325.00
3Biamp Advantage EQ301 31-Band Graphic EQ$20.00
2Rane AC22 B Crossovers$50.00
1Presonus ACP 88$150.00
5EAW MX200i Speaker Processor Unit$40.00
2EAW MX300i Speaker Processor Unit$60.00
6EAW SB 250 Dual 15″ Subwoofer$450.00
4EAW JF560 Full Range Cabinets$450.00
2Flight Cases for JF560$250.00
2Mackie SRM 450 Self Powered Full Range Speakers (ITALIAN MACKIES)$300.00
2XTA DP100 Digital Delay$75.00
1DBX Driverack PA 2 Input / 6 Output$250.00
1TC Electronics D-Two Multitap Rhythm Delay$100.00


6Marshall V-R44P 2RU Rack-Mountable Monitor Set with (4) 4″ LCD Screens$125.00
2Sony PVM-411 4″ Quad B&W Video Monitor$70.00
1Sony DSC1024$15.00
1JVC SR-DVM70US Mini DV/Hard Disk Drive/DVD Recorder with Remote$75.00
1JVC SR-MV40$10.00
2JVC BR-S8000$60.00
1Kramer FC-7402$40.00
1HES Axon Media Server$1,500.00
1Grass Valley INDIGO 1-HR HD A/V Mixer with Scaling$700.00
4Various LCD Descktop Monitors – VGA (15″ / 17″)$25.00
1HES DL-2 Digital Light$500.00
2Eiki LC-XT3 Projector$1,000.00
1Extron 168HVA Crosspoint 16×8 Matrix Switcher with Audio$30.00
4Extron DA-6 / 1 x 6 5-wire BNC (RGBHV) Distribution Amplifier$50.00
1Extron DA-2 / Two Output Wideband RGBHV Distribution Amplifier$30.00
1Extrpn DA-4 / RGBHV$40.00
4Extron DA2GLI / 2-Output 5-Wire BNC (RGBHV) Distribution Amplifier$50.00
1Extron MCP-1000$25.00
1Panasonic SV-3800$60.00
1Digital DPS-275 Component TBC/Framestore$50.00
1HHB CDR-882$100.00
2Sony UVW-1800 Betacam Recorder$75.00
1Sony DSR-2000 Digital Videocassette Recorder$100.00
1Sony PVW-2650 Betacam SP Player$75.00
1Leader 5860C Waveform Monitor$40.00
1Tektronix SPG300 Sync Pulse Generator$50.00
2TVOne C2-2450 Edge Blender$150.00
1Grass Valley Identity 4 Control Package, Includes Identity 4, Echolab Opera & Echolab Remote Aux Panel$900.00
1Grass Valley Turbo iDDR Digital Disk Recorder$150.00
260″ NEC Plasma 60X C10 Monitor$100.00
850″ NEC Plasma X-50XM5A/6A Monitors$75.00
242″ NEC Plasma X-42VP4A Monitors$50.00


12PRT Truss$700.00
10Cable Ramps (5) Channel / Various Colors – BUY ALL 10 FOR $500!$75.00


46Burgundy Sateen Panels – 14’H x 5’W$12.00
74Burgundy Sateen Panels – 20’H x 5’W$20.00

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