How a technology firm filled a pandemic need with an innovative device.

Starlite, a technology firm providing commercial audiovisual and lighting solutions for the performing arts, casinos, universities, houses of worship and high-profile events has uncovered a new niche to help people during the Covid Pandemic.

The Company has several verticals, but the two largest divisions are Systems Integration (permanent installations) and Event Production. The Systems Integration group is nearly at capacity with high-profile installations, but since most live events (think theater, concerts, corporate and special events) have come to a screeching halt due to the pandemic, we knew we had to pivot and be open to something slightly outside of our current offerings. We wanted to remain committed to our core mission – but also recognized that we had to be agile and flexible and that’s where the scanners come in.
Dean Danowitz

CEO, Starlite

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Simply walk in front of the scanner and in 2-seconds it automatically captures and records the person’s facial recognition and temperature even when wearing a mask.

These scanners solve a basic need and have been a boon for Starlite and a logistical problem solver for clients, including, municipalities, offices, casinos, distribution centers, airports and other environments.

Danowitz continues, “We feel good about this opportunity because it is reasonably priced and solves several logistical problems associated with Covid-19. Now that schools are readying for the start of classes we can barely keep them in stock.”

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